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Contributor III
Contributor III

Count by Timestamp


I have this type of data when I count on the basis of "_Timestamp", I also change timestamp format to date but when I select any one date it count all "_Id"s  of 1163 but in that date, there are only 269 "_Id" hits.

This table is the sample, I am uploading my xlsx file and qvf file both.

c9cb8a27-703b-4166-b402-df0f2bcd58eb15 Venus24:14.9
14a89583-d2f1-40d1-ade6-31b104a981a315 Venus25:41.1
457da36f-59d9-4063-9f7e-ae40017b0b8315 Venus36:16.0
c2505ae9-ed44-4f5d-9bda-232f112c825515 Venus44:15.9
da03cde5-073c-4b7d-95ce-102fd7a13ebf15 Venus52:07.2




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It's because your main table is not connected with master calendar.

Change the main table field name from DateTO to Date . By doing this your main table will be liked to master calendar and it will filter based on selection

Contributor III
Contributor III


it is not working, by the way, it's a typo from my side in the application.

The same result no total no of count show against any date, it shows all 1163. 

here are the screenshots of table

date error.PNG

date error 2.PNG



There many things you need to correct. First as I mentioned correct the link between calendar and main table. Secondly there is error in all your measures. There is no such field like Priority . There is a field called _Priority but it holds the numeric values while in set you have applied the values like 'alarm not open' ..'High'.. etc