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Count dimension in missing row

Hi all,

i need to count a dimension (account) by month, but in some case i haven't this dimension in every month, for example because the account has not bought in a specific period

Below the example


This the count that i would like to have

Jan: 1

Feb: 2

Mar 3


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Re: Count dimension in missing row

Please elaborate more with the sample data.


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Re: Count dimension in missing row


Use this expression with your Month column in table you will get the desired result


Re: Count dimension in missing row

I guess I understand why Jan is 1, but how are you getting 2 for Feb and 3 for March? Would you be able to elaborate on the logic here?

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Re: Count dimension in missing row

Hi guys,

just to clarify.

I need to measure the penetration on new accounts.

I want to show a bar chart with a cumulate count of the new account in 2016 with the avg of sold units (this is not a problem).

So I want that in February the count is 2, because I need to count also A that has bought in January but not in February, and the same in March (A+B+C).

I know that the total of new account is for example 125, and I expect to have the bar of November representing this value, i have tried with a simple cumulate count but it doesn't work.

I hope to be more clear

thanks a lot