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Count in Relational Tables


I am new to Qlik Sense - would appreciate any help or resources on this:

I have seven relational tables (tbl1, tabl2, etc), all linked on a specific filed (fieldX). There are one-to-many (or one-to-none) relationships between the tables. How do I write a COUNT expression that counts the number of records in a given table on "filedX" (to create a measure that can then be used in visualizations)?


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Re: Count in Relational Tables

You can simply use Count(Distinct FieldX) or Count(FieldX) according to your requirements.

Also, you can create Flags for each table.. Say

1 as T1 for Table1

and so on

and can now use

Count({<T1 = {1} >}Distinct FieldX)

This will give you distinct count of FieldX based on Table 1 only.

The same way you can use for other tables as well.


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Re: Count in Relational Tables

Thanks, Manish.

I imagine what you have recommended probably works well. But the counts are not correct for these tables - I think this is probably a limitation of my own understanding of how relational data sets are handled by Qlik Sense.

For example, I know that table2 has fourth of the records of table1, yet when I use the count function as you have described it (with tag =1), I get the same counts for both tables (i.e. the count for table1). Same is true for all other tables.

Although I did not do this, my best guess is that the tables are getting joined on table1, thus resulting in table1 row counts, but not sure.

I would appreciate any thoughts on this...


Re: Count in Relational Tables

If you are joining tables, then create these flags before joining those tables.

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