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Contributor II
Contributor II

Count missing null value in kpi chart

I have a straight table with column which has null in it. How would like to count how many null rfcode are missing which has a bond serial number and present per year? Would like to show this in KPI chart. This is just an example of how I have in my qsense app.

YearReceipt DateBondserial numDevice typestatusrfcodeLocationPower
53/23/15WH5096chassis Present17952PAon
69/23/14WHJ123chassis Present17956PAon
22/7/18WH4357chassis Present NYon
410/20/16GXW1234filter-trayPresent OHon
310/9/17GWX97534chassis Present1796788NYon
22/5/18RM12234chassis Present OHon
79/30/13343JT467chassis Present NYon
712/16/133431258filter-trayPresent NYon
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