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Counting Duplicate data in a field

I have created a field called Repeat Customer. This field Concatenates the Customer Name, Category, Sub-Category, and Type. I am trying to find the number of times each individual Repeat Customer comes back. I've tried doing this with a Sum/Aggr combo, but it is still giving me all of the values, even when there is only one instance of that value in the dataset. Here is an example. So I would not want to count The Katrina Bennett Value as a repeat, because it was two spate services she was getting. I would want to Count Jeffrey Sarlin as a duplicate because it was the same service.  Her is the function I'm using, would love to get some feedback on it.

Sum(Aggr(IF(count([Repeat Customer])>1,1,0),[Repeat Customer]))


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Specialist II


=if(Aggr(count([Repeat Customer]),[Repeat Customer])>1,1,0)


How does your source data look like? Maybe you do have multiple records for each Katrina Bennet's two services?

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That's exactly the case Stefan. two separate ticket ID's as well as the different Repeat Customer Field.

Wallo, that might be the correct answer. I thought I had to sum everything, but maybe not. Going to do a little data validation then I'll respond back.