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Create Dimension scatter plot


Wondering any chance I can use the dimensions instead of measure for drawing out the

scatter plot

Saying, having

Career  as Y axis

Age as X axis

The size of the bubble is the #of age count in each age group

Can people create this?

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Re: Create Dimension scatter plot

Hi Celine,

scatter need one dimension and two least measures, can you please define , there measure and one dimension then I can tell what exactly you are asking

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Re: Create  Dimension scatter plot

Hi Rohit,

That is my question. I know how to do that using 2 measures.

The measures need to be 2 axis X and Y

but any chance I only use 1 measure.--which is not the X OR Y axis but the size of the buble

and replace the X,Y using only dimension (category)

any chance I can draw this graph?

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Re: Create  Dimension scatter plot

Hi Celine,

Scatter and bubble chart need at least two measure, now you are saying , you wanna use X and Y dimension , you could use any aggregate function like count but in the end it has to be numbers on X and Y axis. and I believe if you do that it will not make any sense. What I can suggest you, Use heat map, I am sure you are looking a solution which match with http://branch.qlik.com/#!/project/56728f52d1e497241ae6983e.

here dimension will be on X and Y axis and number will come in pane area.

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Rohit Kumar