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Create Master Calendar

Hi all,

Happy End Game.

May i know how to create a master calendar?

I've been searching in forum for some times. However there is no a good result.

Please find attached my qvf and excel file for your kind references.

I would like to create a master calendar for my scenario.

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Re: Create Master Calendar

You seem to already have a table called CalendarTable, what is wrong with this?



Re: Create Master Calendar

Hi @sunny_talwar ,

Yes, i created the calendar table. But it does not work like my expected outcome.

Below are my tables. I would like to show every day of every month no matter there is or isn't technician working on those days.

For e.g.: The table show everyday but there is null value in technician. I do not want to show null value and there is null value in my data source. 

image.pngNull Values

But when I unchecked 'Include null values', it does not  show every day of every month.

image.pngWithout Null Values

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Create Master Calendar

It's not a matter of the master-calendar else how to create a suitable datamodel which contained all needed data. Not always but quite often it's necessary to Generating-Missing-Data if NULL's should be displayed.

- Marcus