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Create a Classification Band


I have 2 fields from my file: Actual Sales Amount, Actual Cost Amount

I would like to classify my customers based on the GM%, which is GM% = (Actual Sales Amount - Actual Cost Amount)/Actual Sales Amount

If the GM% is more than 50%, then the customer is an A

If the GM% is between 40% to 50%, then customer is a B

If the GM% is between 20% to 40%. then customer is a C

If the GM% is between 0% to 20%, then customer is a D

If the GM% is below 1%, then customer is a E

Appreciate your advice on how best to reflect the above in Qlik Sense.

Many thanks!

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Re: Create a Classification Band

Calculate a Classification field in the script and then use that field as dimension in a chart with for example count(distinct Customer) as measure.

And think about what makes a customer an E. GM% below 1 or below 0? There's an overlap in your definition with D.




     If(GM%<0.01, 'E',

         If(GM%<=0.2 , 'D',

             If(GM%<=0.4 , 'C',

                 If(GM%<=0.5 , 'B', 'A')))) as Classification;



     [Actual Sales Amount],

     [Actual Cost Amount]

     1-[Actual Cost Amount]/[Actual Sales Amount] as GM%




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Re: Create a Classification Band

Thanks GD! I will try it out and revert if I have further queries. Cheers!

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