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Create a database with many excel files

Hi I want to create a database with n excel sheets whose fields have same name
I only add a new column "Version" with the date of the respective sheet

But Qlik is a bad guy and rename my tables

I dont want name fields like [sheet1.ID] [sheet2.ID] [sheet3.ID]

I wants [ID] [ID] [ID]

In my calculations I use set analysis to find monthly/weekly variations

sum ({< [Version]={' '}>} Value) - above(sum(Value))

Then I need n sheets with [Version] [Value] fields with the original name, not this [sheet1.Version] [sheet2.Version]

I can edit the script LOAD and delete all the "as [sheet1.ID]" it WORKS

But I want a method to Add many sheets in Qlik and it recognize my goals and will name all fields equally.

Now I only know how to Add sheet per sheet one per time

Please help

I searched the forum and only have found answers about join tables I want to separate them, but with original Fields names.

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