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Create automatic axis scaling with cumulative calculations


I hope somebody can help me so get the max and min of cumulative columns. I am struggling a couple of days with internet but still no victory. Maybe somebody has the same issue in the past 🙂

I have a chart with two measures. One for werkkapitaal and the other for % werkkapitaal on revenue. So I have two Y axes.

The data for my chart is generated by this formula:

(rangesum(above(total rangesum(above(TOTAL Sum({$<[Grootboekrekeningnummer]={">=1300<=1390"}>}[Bedrag Saldo]),0,RowNo(TOTAL))),0,12))


rangesum(above(total rangesum(above(TOTAL Sum({$<[Grootboekrekeningnummer]={">=3000<=3998"}>}[Bedrag Saldo]),0,RowNo(TOTAL))),0,12))


rangesum(above(total rangesum(above(TOTAL Sum({$<[Grootboekrekeningnummer]={">=1600<=1601"}>}[Bedrag Saldo]),0,RowNo(TOTAL))),0,12)))



It's a cumulative calculated column and summed with the 12 periods before. And this is then also cumulative. So far so good.

Now I want to make the axes automatic scaling. In the attachment you can find the data. I want to fetch the max and the min from werkkapitaal and % werkkapitaal. On the community I read that max with rangesum is difficult and I can not do this. In my dashboard the customer can filter on companies. So the chart is everytime different.

Does somebody tackled the same challenge? I think if have provied enough info but shout when you need more.

Kind regards,

Martijn Wanders

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Re: Create automatic axis scaling with cumulative calculations


can anybody help me into the right direction? Help is appreciated :_)