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Create new lines in a Qlik Sense table with old data that have been deleted


I'm new on Qlik Sense and I'm searching a solution to my problem since several days... I really hope that someone will be able to help me !

I have an Excel file which contains Status data for different tasks :







I've created a table on Qlik Sense which is able to calculate the number of task by Status :




The goal is to follow all the Status regularly (usually every day) and store old data.

Tomorrow, if I open again my Excel file, the Status will be different (my Excel file is an extract from a database) :







My Qlik Sense application is refreshed every night so I will have this result tomorrow :




What I would like to have is a storage of all data on different lines :




I've tried a lot of different functions (buffer, add, concatenate, store) but it never worked...

The main problem is that the old Status' data are deleted every day as they change. It means that tomorrow I will have no copy of the first board with Status information of yesterday.

The final idea is to represent the evolution of tasks' Status on a bar chart, keeping the last information on Status for each month. It means that my application will refresh tasks' Status on the same line during 30 days and when a new month begins it will create a new line and refresh data on the same line during 30 days again etc...


Is there any function on Qlik Sense that is able to create a new line on a table (or on a .qvd) after every refresh of the application ?


I really hope that I was clear in my explanation,

Thank you in advance for your help,