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Creating Data for empty rows

I'm having trouble trying to generate data in between dates. For example, i have several dates

1/3/17  A  200

1/7/17  A  400

1/11/17 A  600

but I need

1/1/17  A  0

1/2/17  A  0

1/3/17  A  200

1/4/17  A  200

1/5/17  A  200

1/6/17  A  200

1/7/17  A  400

etc...  etc...  etc...

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Re: Creating Data for empty rows

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Re: Creating Data for empty rows

Hi Stefan,

That helps a lot and it's a good start. The problem I'm running into now is when I have another letter in the same column. For instance:

1/1/17 A 200
1/3/17 B  300
1/5/17 A  400

1/7/17 B  600


Re: Creating Data for empty rows

It should all be explained in the technical brief that is linked to Henric's blog post:

Generating Missing Data In QlikView

Basically, you need to create a table with all combinations of letters and dates needed and join this to your fact table.

Then do a resident load, sorted by letter and dates ascending and use Peek() to retrieve the previous value, resetted when letter changes.




     If(Peek(Letter) = Letter, Alt(Value, Peek(Value),0), Alt(Value,0) ) as Value,


RESIDENT AllCombinationTable

ORDER BY Letter, Date;

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