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Creating Limited Dimensions in Various Date Ranges

Hi all,

I'm giving the QlikSense to old once-over before I write up a case to start implementing it into my organisation and am creating a few example dashboard that I think will be useful.

One that I am having particular issues with is a Sales Type dashboard. So I've imported two years worth of sales from various items via a SQL stored procedure and want to present various sales trends in line graph format.

Obviously, I can do the whole set over time for the 2 years worth but I am struggling to show only the last 30 days worth of sales in a chart, either for all the sales data or for user-selected items.

In SSRS, i would just add a filter to say [Date] >= DATEADD(Dateinterval.Day,-30,NOW()).

Can I do something simular with Dimension Limitations or am i barking up the wrong tree?

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Re: Creating Limited Dimensions in Various Date Ranges

If you have the date field in your data you could incorporate set analysis into your expressions to limit to just the past 30 days.

Or you could limit the data coming into your app in the script to just the last 30 days and then you don't need to worry about doing it in the dashboard.

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Re: Creating Limited Dimensions in Various Date Ranges

Cheers @

The x-axis on my chart is a Date, with the y-axis being a number of sales.

As you say the easiest option is to limit the data being bought into the app but I want to show multiple graphs with different date periods (ie. last 30 days, last 60 days, 6 months, 1 year etc). Is set analysis the best way to approach this?