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Creating Valuelist from a field syntaxis

Hi All,

This forum is incredible, thank you all for this being such a great place. Now I am a bit pressured in time and stuck:

I have a field "vl_pl_lines_names" with the PL names, say 'Sales', 'Costs', 'Profit' (however it is many lines (~30), so I want to handle it via excel load as a field, I also have other reasons for that). I want to create a valuelist dimension from this field. I do the following:

0/ Load the field itself

1/ Create a variable v_vl_pl_lines_names:


2/ Create a valuelist dimension in the table as simple as 


Instead of creating a table with all the PL names as lines, it creates a table with all the PL names sitting in the first row - what do i do wrong?




Thank you,

Kind regards,



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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

You may try it with: =ValueList($(v_vl_pl_lines_names))

But IMO it's much too complicated  - you could just load this field (or maybe multiple, for example further groupings) as an unlinked table which means no extra efforts with such a variable creation/calling and further it's much easier to handle within the object and/or as selection as a valuelist().

- Marcus