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Creating a Dimension Filter on a Straight Table

I am trying to create a filter on a straight table the filter out the word PTAC in the [ASSET] Dimension field.  I have multiple names under the [ASSETS] and they have number in front of them field such as 0001 DHW, 0001 BOILER, 2100 AIR FRESH, etc.  I just want to pull out the word PTAC in the [ASSET] field.  Then the entire table will just be of the PTAC's

I have a search field in a bar graph that includes ' *PTAC' and that works properly, but I want to use a straight table with this data set.

I know you can just create another table with this information, but I am trying to use the current data and not create a new data set.


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Have you tried to use Set Analysis on a measure in your table (assuming you have one)? 

If you can do that then this chart will never show the other values if that is something that you also want.