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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Creating a REST connection failed to connect to server


I am trying to create a REST connection.  It worked for me before but I deleted some data files that I thought I didn't need and then the REST connection stopped working. 

I deleted the connection and started over but now I get an error message: "Failed to connect to a server.  Check connection parameters"  I'm very new to this so I am not sure what I am doing wrong..  Here is what I have done so far...

Pasted the URL end point in the URL box

Timeout: 30 

Method: GET 

HTTP Protocol: 1.1

Request/response body encoding: UTF-8

Checked off Auto detect response type and Check response type during test connection

Key generation strategy: Sequence ID 

Authentication: Anonymous (also checked off skipped server certificate validation because for now in the early stages I'm using a self signed cert. ) 

I left the rest of the information in the Create a connection-REST as default(blank) 

What am I doing wrong/what could be causing this?


3 Replies
Creator III
Creator III

so far, I have not found any docs on what causes this error, either

Creator II
Creator II

any update on this issue ?

Contributor II
Contributor II

Did you figure out what was the problem? I currently struggle with the same issue