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Creating a Revenue Forecast

Dear Community,

I’ve been wrestling with the best approach to deal with a request I’m working on, and so far haven’t come up with a solid path forwards.

I’m looking for the most practical way to try and predict revenue for current month, based on average units moved each day in the previous month.

So far I’ve looked in to…

  • Advanced Analytics utilising R
  • Custom Extensions – which didn’t work
  • LINEST_M function - which seems ideal if you want a straight trend line

I’m prepared to carry on investigating all these avenues, but I thought I’d reach out to see if anyone else has dealt with a similar scenario, and how you approached it.

Here’s a mock-up from excel. The orange line will remain the same throughout March, but as each day passes and the data updates the blue line will increase. The goal is to see how close the actuals are against the forecast.


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