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Creating a Template app view

Hi guys!

Im new with QlikSense, so I don't know if that is a simple question. I want to create some views in my app, where I can import different files at different times with the same app.

In example, I want to create a chart with total amount of sales per month with the data of company sales. Next year, I want to use the same app where I only need to insert the new data of company sales and the same old chart will be updated, replacing data company sales of the last year.

That is a simple example of what I need. Someone can tell me if it is possible with Qlik and how I can do that?


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Hi, this is actually how things work. When you add data and load it the charts will be updated automatically reflecting the new data. It is also possible to use master items (dimensions/measures/visualizations) to make things even easier (in case you want to create a new graph): https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/September2017/Subsystems/Hub/Content/Assets/work-with-master-items...

Thanks for the help Ivan_Bozov!

But if I want to give my .qvf to another user with less knowledge of Qlik to do the same update? To him, will be more difficult to edit and adjust to the master item created to my visualization. 

It's possible a way to need less interaction of the user who will update the sheet?  The idea is the user(me or other of my company) just need to add new data source and the sheet visualization update automatically.

Looking the master items, I see how to establish a custom template but, if a add a new data source, I need to edit the sheet and include the master visualization to the new source.