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Creating a cross table in qlik sense


I am pretty new to Qlik Sense and trying to explore its functionalities. I have a cross table in excel which has sales data for each sales rep spread across more than 200 weeks (200 distinct coumns). I want to show this table as is in Qlik Sense. When I try importing this table, I am forced to drag and drop each column in the table object manually. Is there a better way to create a table object which has all the 200 weeks in distinct columns?

I tried unpivoting the data in Qliksense to get all the weeks in a single column. But this doesn't help me recreate the original table. 

Any help would be highly appreciated.

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Re: Creating a cross table in qlik sense


Try to load with data load editor,


Crosstable(attribute filed name, data fieldname, Numer of columns )



From datasource;

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Re: Creating a cross table in qlik sense

Hi! This is a very very easy and useful tutorial to use crosstable function