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Creating a map


New to Qlik Sense, so I am not sure i have all the terminology down. 

However, I am trying to create a map, and on the map, i want to display points (of zip codes) and also the count of the population in that zip code.

I am able to produce the map and the points with zip codes labels, however, this will be for a static PDF, not an actual QS report. 

So I am struggling with having the points to display both the ZIP code and the sum of a number..

The data is coming from a table with columns for zip and a quantity column.

Hope I am explaining this correctly...



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Re: Creating a map

As long as you have room, this will work:
In the General Section in the Labels, use an expression to concatenate the ZIP code with the measure. The chr(10) will start a new line
eg =ZipCode & chr(10)
&'Population='& Sum(Population)
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Re: Creating a map

thanks...is there a way to make the zip one color and the other value another color?

this is what i have currently 

=[zip] & chr(10) & [q]