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Contributor III
Contributor III

Creating a table for a single Dimension and its sub-dimensions

Hello Hive Mind!

Hoping one of you might steer me in the right direction. I have a Data Base Table 'Customer Setup' that contains many customers with specific info related to them in a 'semi' hierarchical format, i.e. Customer 'xyz trucking' has one 'home office', several 'billing locations, and many child locations we call 'ship to' locations. 

I want to have a sheet or at least a table within a sheet that can display (by default - on opening) One Top level entity with all if its sub entities included. I'd like to do this without having to select filter options on the sheet or using bookmarks. 

Not certain this is even possible, but if it is, I'm willing to bet one of you out there knows how to make it so!

Thank you!

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Hi @aschmeelk ,

Can you give us some examples of what you want?

This will help the team understand your requirement and help you with the right path.




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Contributor III
Contributor III



So, consider the above sheet. The table outlined in red has data related to multiple customers that have been loaded from our 'customer settings' data table in MySql. I really want to be able to limit All the objects on the page to display data for a Single customer - without the need to make multiple selections in the filter pane - when the sheet is loaded.

I've included the .png file as an attachment so that you can see it full sized.

Thanks for responding!