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Creating a table with list of Count(field)

Hi - I'm very new to Qlik Sense.

My data are a set of employee answers to general feedback questions. I used typeform to collect the data, and it is generally stored one of three ways in the resulting .csv file

a) a column representing a number or metric e.g. "How happy are you on a scale of 1-10"

b) a column representing a single text answer e.g. "Do you like cats OR dogs" or "Pick your favourite from this list of animals"

c) a column representing an answer to a multiple choice e.g. "Pick as many of this list as you like" and the columns would be "Dogs" "Cats" "Mice" etc.

I am having trouble with columns of type C). I would like to create a table that lists the count of responses for these multiple choice answers.

Basically I would like




I have tried to create a table, but Count(RespondentIdentifier) as a dimension and measures of Count(peoplewholikeCats) doesnt work - it tells me the dimension is invalid.

Does this question make sense? :s

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Re: Creating a table with list of Count(field)

Aggregation function doesn't work in Dimension.

You can calculate count(RespondentIdentifier) at Load Script and then try using that field in chart as dimension.

I hope it is helpful.

Re: Creating a table with list of Count(field)

I think what you need is to create a table like this


Type C


Count([Type C])


Re: Creating a table with list of Count(field)

You can transform your crosstable like input table into a straight table, using

The Crosstable Load


CROSSTABLE (Choices, Answer)


AnswerID, Dogs, Cats, Mice

FROM YourInputTable;

This would transform your columns into two fields, Choices and Answer.

Use Choices as dimension field and do a count valid answers.