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Creating own map layout (KML file)


is there an easy way how to create own KML file of factory layout for example? Some easy to use guide through the creation process of my own map into KML format?

To be more precise, this is my case study - I want to visualize various KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of a factory per production line (such as productivity or quality indicators or volume of production) over a map of production hall (factory layout).

I have existing factory layout in various formats such as Autocad DWG file or JPG etc.. Is there any way how to create KML form of it in order to be able to use it in Qlik Sense as a map layout? The purpose is to designate various polygons as production lines and then to visualize various KPIs into the map.

I place this question as a follow up of this thread: Using the Maps Chart Object - Polygon Map - Part 2 - (video)

Specifically the comment from matteoDP‌ in thhat thread that it should be possible. Or could mto‌ help?

thanks, Tomas

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Re: Creating own map layout (KML file)


KLM is a little bit difficult to use but have a glance in qlikbranch there is some alternative extension to create MAP



allow you to use map created in SVG format

or :


google map

hope it helps


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Re: Creating own map layout (KML file)

Hi Thomas,

Conversion from drawing to KML can be done but in most case it's a complex process.It's rare that the drawing is properly georeferenced and a that the attributes of objects in the drawing is preserved and useful for index. Georeference is necessary to align the floorplan with any basemap and the attributes are used for the coloring. Useful tools for this can be QGIS or ArcGIS. The default map is Sense is also very limited and I would suggest to look for professional extensions.

I recommend IdevioMaps for Qlik Sense, we can also help with importing the drawings.


Patric Nordström

(disclaimer, I work for Idevio)

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