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Contributor III
Contributor III

Cross table with flowing date

Hi all,


I am currently working with an excel file with a sample i have attached.

I am using this excel to do a forecast on the expected strength of the department based on various reasons such as course or leave of absence.

Currently i am using a crosstable load on this file such that the dates becomes a variable too, as i am joining this to another file which contains the machinery they are trained in, to forecast how many people i have available for each machine on a particular day.

Everything is working fine in terms of the joining and linking. My problem lies in the fact that currently i have to redo the data load editor part everytime i add more date (done on a weekly-biweekly basis). 


Is there a better way of doing this such that i can continue to add dates(in this case more columns) and it will be accounted for automatically instead of my amending the data load editor  for it to read the extra columns added as the weeks go by.



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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi all,

Did some further digging and tinkering, found out i could use Load* to load everything from the excel file, solving my dilemma of periodic adding of more columns