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Crosstable issue

Hello, i need your help to properly load a crosstable for the following data:

crosstable date.JPG

- Data source is one excel-sheet

- I want visualize Status each 'Var'-column crossed for each date

     - e.g. i want to pick and visualize the Status and Var1 for the 17.04.2015, Status and Var1 for the 24.04.2015 etc. 

     - but also Status and Var2 for the 17.04.2015, ..., n(date) or Status and Var3 for the 17.04.2015, ..., n(date)

- The date information proceeds from 17.04.2015 to 14.08.2015 in the pattern shown above.

Any ideas? Thank you in advance!

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Re: Crosstable issue

I would load your data in the following structure

Date, Stage, Status, Var, Value

17.04.2015,#Already Processed, In production / Closed, Var1, 197

17.04.2015,#Already Processed, In production / Closed, Var2, 55

17.04.2015,#Already Processed, In production / Closed, Var3, 128

17.04.2015,#Already Processed, rejected, Var1, 70

17.04.2015,#Already Processed, rejected, Var2, 11

17.04.2015,#Already Processed, rejected, Var3, 21

17.04.2015,#Already Processed, cancelled, Var1, 37

17.04.2015,#Already Processed, cancelled, Var2, 18

17.04.2015,#Already Processed, cancelled, Var3, 32

17.04.2015,#Before Processed, on hold, Var1, 58

17.04.2015,#Before Processed, on hold, Var2, 2

17.04.2015,#Before Processed, on hold, Var3, 19


That structure should allow you to produce the visualisations you want plus the cross tab on the screen above.



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