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Cumulative Order Count based on 2 Dates driving by Single Date

Hi All,

I have 2 dates in my table and One Order ID.

Load Order ID,


     Complete_Dt      /*With in the same Date as Shipment or future Date to the Shipment*/

from xyz.xlsx;

Business Rules:

1. Driving date on Dashboard - Shipment Dt.

2. I have to Display the counts based on Shipment DT and on Complete Dt as well. (2 Different KPIs)

1. Based on Shipment: (see the attached count) - Which is Straight Forward.

2. Based on Complete Dt: (See the attached Count) - Need help hand on this.


If I select Shipment Dt as  2018-Q2 on the Dashboard, then the Order Count in 2 KPI should show as 634.

Because it is the COUNT based on previous Shipment Dates till 2018-Q2.

Start Date is always 1/1/2017 in both the Shipment & Complete Dt.

Thanks in advance.

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Can you please share sample test file?

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