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Creator II
Creator II

Cumulative bar chart help

Hi ,

Can any one please help me on below cumulative chart issue.

I have created the cumulative chart which is 2nd one. But business want to see the month sorting from May to June with May as highest value.But when i have changed the sorting order getting May as lowest value please help me on this.

bar chart sorting.png


Thanks in advance.

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Specialist II
Specialist II

Under sorting for the chart, "Sort by expression" try

=match(Month(your date field here),'Dec','Nov','Oct','Sep','Aug','Jul','Jun','May','Apr','Mar','Feb','Jan')

Basically it returns 5 for May and 12 for Jan and reverses the normal month sort order.

Creator II
Creator II

Hi @jwjackso 

By using this expression May to Jan sorting is getting but the issue is still may showing less count.

I am looking for sorting should be reverse from may to jan and cumulative is from Jan to may. so May will show highest number.

Could you please help me on this.

Creator II
Creator II

Hi @sunny_talwar 

could you please help on this cumulative with sorting.