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Current Measure displayed in subtitle?


I have a graph with a couple measures the user can select but i would like to (if possible) have the name of the selected measure in the sub title of the graph. Is this possible?

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Re: Current Measure displayed in subtitle?

Yes, But you need some work around in script with Island table..

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Re: Current Measure displayed in subtitle?

How you are selecting Measure?

Is it Alternate Measure or something?

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Re: Current Measure displayed in subtitle?

I'll invite not to use alternative measure to achieve this but as follow:

Let's assume you have 3 measures :

1) sum(measure1)

2) sum(measure2)

3) sum(measure3)

first thing to do :

in the script, create a new table:


load * inline [

Measure, MeasureID

Measure1, 1

Measure2, 2

Measure3, 3


Once done, on your presentation, add the new field Measure as a filter :

Now, in you chart, you'll only ONE MEASURE:

if(MeasureID=1, sum(measure1),




And as a title: ='The selected measure is : '&Measure

The user will only have to choose a Measure from the filter to have it shown in the graph.

Hope this was clear

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