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Custom Images

When you open the QMC and go to Content you see 2 folders  One called Default and one called In App.  I know where the Default location is and how to upload images to it.

But where are In App images stored?  How does one modify one of these if needed?  Do these move with the app when you do an export?

What is the best practice for handling images?  Default vs In App?  Folder structure?  Etc.?

This is QS 3.0


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Valued Contributor

Re: Custom Images

The image for Qlik app is at ...\Qlik\Sense\Content\Default

The image for Qlik mashup is under the mashup folder at .....\Qlik\Sense\Extensions.

Hopefully this helps.

Honored Contributor

Re: Custom Images

We are creating the apps on the server and not using desktop version.

I looked in the Extensions folder and I do not see the images that the other user created and used in his app in this location.