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Custom login to Qlik Sense Engine

Currently, I am connecting to the engine via enigma using jwt.  My goal is to create a login page that accepts username and password.  Before showing this login page, I have to check if the user browser has the session and check it against the engine.  If there is no session or the session has expired, it should go to my custom login page.  Is there an API to call to check if there's a current session in the engine?  I see an http url http://hostname/qps/user and it returns me a json object {"session": "inactive"}.  I thought if I see the session as inactive, I will display the custom login page.  But this is an http call.  Is this the correct way of checking?

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Re: Custom login to Qlik Sense Engine

Yes, that's the correct way. See https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense-developer/November2018/Subsystems/ProxyServiceAPI/Content/Sense_Pr...

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