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Contributor II
Contributor II

Custom variable expression vanishes upon edit when having more than about 55 lines. Bug?

Hi Qlik and people who use it,

I created a custom variable which has 70 lines.

It worked fine until I went to edit it. Everything looked normal in the preview panel, but after I clicked the "fx" button (Open Expression Editor) and enter the editor, all 70 lines are gone.  Fortunately I have backed up the expression somewhere else.  This does not affect other functions though, and everything works fine once I re-input the Expression in the custom variable and save it again. Just need to be careful when I go back to edit the variable again.

I experimented a bit and I noticed the vanishment upon edit phenomenon would happen  when there are about more than 55 lines.  

I'm not sure if it's my computer's problem or it's some bugs of Qlik Sense. I don't have some one near me who uses Qlik Sense so I cant test. 

Can someone who are more familiar with Qlik help to fix this problem?



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This is not the bug with platform? But we can assume, There could be setup with different nodes and one node is not synchronized. Can you please login to each node and see where is the root cause?

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