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Custome color property for dimention

Hello Sir,

  My name is Humesh . I am developing an extention for table.I want to add custome color property to every dimentions and measures.

I found your this code :


   type: "string",  

   label: "Enter color expression",           




I have written this code inside of dimention shown below:

definition : {

  type : "items",

  component : "accordion",

    items : {

         dimensions : {

                uses : "dimensions",

                min : 1,

                items: {


                                          type: "string",

                                          label: "Enter color expression",

                                          component : "expression"





now please tell me what should I need to write inside of function

to apply custome color reference to dimention

      paint: function ($element,layout) {

// what should I write here

          if ( !this.$scope.table ) {

         this.$scope.table = qlik.table( this );


         return qlik.Promise.resolve();       


please give me solution

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