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Customized button for conditional selection

Hi Community,

From the picture like below, material numbers could be repeated over the years. in KPI I want to pick out the new field value first time appeared in certain period, say, 2018, as well as the counterpart of LYTD, I have wrote the expressions like following which works.

The question is: if to see the counts of first time appeared new materials also in other period, with existing year and month filter selection button, I only can see all materials intead of new materials. so is it possible to create a customized button with condition of year, month, which enable me to see also the counts results of only initial appeared materials in defined period? how can I make this possibly?

='YTD ' & num(Count(DISTINCT {<Year,Quarter,Month,Week,Date={"$(='>='&Date(AddYears(YearStart(Max(Date),0,7),0), 'YYYY/MM/DD') & '<='&Date(AddYears(Max(Date),0), 'YYYY/MM/DD'))"}>}
(If(Aggr(NODISTINCT Min(Date), Material)=Date, Material)))/1000,'#,##0.00K;($#,##0.00)')

&chr(13)&' LYTD ' &
num(Count(DISTINCT{<Year,Quarter,Month,Week,Date={"$(='>='&Date(AddYears(YearStart(Max(Date),0,7),-1), 'YYYY/MM/DD')
& '<='&Date(AddYears(Max(Date),-1), 'YYYY/MM/DD'))"}>}
(If(Aggr(NODISTINCT Min(Date), Material)=Date, Material)))/1000,'#,##0.00K;($#,##0.00)')