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Customizing date range filter in Qlik hub (10 days, 14 days, etc)

I'm trying to create a chart in Qlik where the x-axis iterates data by every 2 weeks for the past year. Can anyone help with this?

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Specialist III
Specialist III

it will be easier if you can identify when the first week of the year starts, then just add 14 days to that.  you should be able to get the start and end of your 14-day cycle.  you can then combine this will your calendar and use either a week index  W1, W2, etc.. or the start of each cycle as a new dimension

use this dimension as your x axis

load date(FirstWeek + (iterno()-1)*14) as WeekStart, date(FirstWeek + iterno()*14 -1) as WeekEnd, 'W'&iterno() as WeekNumber while year(date(FirstWeek + (iterno()-1)*14))=2020;
load date('1/1/2020') as FirstWeek AutoGenerate (1);





this is a sample to generate the weeks then you can use a couple of ways to join this to your calendar.  either do joins or intervalmatch