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Cyclic expression "select" dropdown issues


I had previously started a thread on how to use cyclic expressions. See thread below:

Creating dynamic measure selection in Qliksense

This works great. I posted a sample file and arulsettu posted it back with the required functionality.

So now I have what i need. But there are 2 issues:

1. On opening the app after closing qliksense, the values are invisible and a selection needs to be made for it to reappear.

2.It defaults back to a selection in the select list box when we come back to edit mode. For Eg: here value 1 is population (in attached file) and the select box defaults back to it , while chart still remains in previous selection that has been made in presentation mode.

Attaching the file that had posted with the solution for the previous thread. Please check sheet2.

Can these 2 problems be resolved?

Thanks in advance!

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