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Contributor III
Contributor III

Daily and monthly data handling

I have sales data which is at month level and a some other txn  data which is at daily level.

Example:- in sales data , data is aggregated at monthly level ( Dates are only 1st of every month) and in the txn data ( there are daily dates , every date of the month). How to handle this in data modelling , as both the outputs need to be combined and if data is loaded only first of every month is joined, rest dates are being ignored?

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As so often... it depends.

Perhaps the easy solution is to apply the MonthStart function to the daily dates from the txn data. If you want to also keep the daily dates from the txn data you could keep those in another new field by aliasing the original field name to a new one. That means loading the field twice, once with applying the MonthStart function and giving it the same name as the date field from the sales data and loading it once more with aliasing it to another name.

Or perhaps you need something like this: https://community.qlik.com/t5/Qlik-Design-Blog/Fact-Table-with-Mixed-Granularity/ba-p/1468238

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If the dates are linked to a calendar with a Month  field, then you can just use the Month as a dimension and sum the transaction data to compare with the sales data.

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