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Damaged Qlik Sense application Desktop version


I have a question about opening a Qlik Sense application on my desktop version.

My Qlik Sense desktop application has always worked well, but from one day to the next I get an error that the application is damaged. Previously I could still open my application without data, but even this is no longer possible.

Is there a way to restore the file, or find out where the error lies?

I would really like to know where the error lies so that I can prevent this the next time.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Damaged Qlik Sense application Desktop version

Hi there,

Not sure if this will definitely help you - but did you try to copying your app, giving it different name and trying to open it again?

When we were having similar issues we exported the app in QMC (as we are on Enterprise option) and imported it again and this seems to resolve our issues.

good luck,


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Re: Damaged Qlik Sense application Desktop version

Thanks for replying but unfortunately this wasn't the solution

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