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Dashboard Bundle - Different Measures


I will need help with understanding the Dashboard Bundle feature of Qlik Sense. 

I have created a dashboard with different graphs, almost all of them using similar calculations, based on the number of products sold. 

I have a requirement to add a button or a drop-down that the users can click and it will have the option to display the calculations made in the dashboard either based on number of products sold or based on the price of the sold products, depending on what they want to see. 

I was checking the "Variable Input" option under Qlik Dashboard bundle, as I believe this is what I need to do in order to accomplish my requirement... Although, the following is unclear: 

- How can I make Qlik understand that I want to use the same calculation, only based on a different dimension (one - the number of products sold and second - the prices)?

- As far as I understand, I need to create a variable to make this work, but which "version" of my calculation should I use for the variable creation - the one based on number of products or the one based on prices? 

If someone can provide a sample app, containing something similar, it would be great... 

Thank you in advance! 

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Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi ShellyG,

If my understanding is correct, you want to give the ability for your users to select which calculation is shown on graph/tables.


PFA sample app.


We have taken an approach in which we have created our "Variables" as a table in the script and then used a combination of pick, match and minstring to display the right calculation when the user makes a selection. After the selection, all graphs/tables with the measure are updated.

To ensure the users make just one selection and it is displaying the right calculation, we have added MinString([Variable]) in our formula and enabled the option to force "always one selection". More detail can be found here: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/April2019/Subsystems/Hub/Content/Sense_Hub/DataSource/select-sing...


//In Script create a table, these are used to add a button or a drop-down that the users can click

Load * Inline [Variable


//Visualization add as measure:







This works for us and our users but i'm sure someone might come with a simple/cleaner version using variables. Please notice this approach might make your visualization load slower.


If you want to display both calculation at same time, then you need something similar to what is discussed on this topic:



edit: add sample app

Best regards,


Hi Michael,

Thank you very much for the detailed explanation! This method will definitely be used in the future so I appreciate it very much!

I took a little bit of a different approach here in the meantime and managed to achieve what I wanted. So for whoever might be interested:

I used one of the custom objects available in Qlik - 'Button for Navigation'. I then created a variable without any definition and I added it to the custom object. Afterwards I went to each calculation that I wanted to be displayed when a specific selection in the buttons is made and put my condition, using the variable, in the "Show column if" field. 

Hope it makes sense...

Have a wonderful day everyone!