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Dashboard crashes with small screen size

I work on qlik server and qlik cloud.

I recently created dashboards on my PC which has 23 inches screen. Yesterday I was doing the presentation on my laptop which has a 15-inch screen.

The problem I faced was when I created my dashboard on the 23inches screen, the dashboard was perfect, as soon as I presented the app on my laptop – data labels went off, or few data labels were inside the bar graph and few were outside the bar graph, filters options for few filters could not be seen, a legend was not seen for few graphs, etc.

Is there any way, I can fix my dashboard and, If I use it on any screen, should not break my dashboard?

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This is working as expected.

It is not a screen size but screen resolution which plays major role. What you experience is called responsive design as your Qlik Sense app tries to adjust to any screen it is opened on. When presenting you can use your browser zoom to zoom out your browser which will make everything little bit smaller but then you will be able to see all labels , axis values etc...

alternatively you can use fix PixelPerfect sheet size to fix your sheet size to the resolution you need. On small screens you will then experience scrollbars on larger screens you may experience a lot of white space.

More on that here:

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Hi there ,

Thanks for your reply. I tried it on graph- it worked there , but when I tried on the heap map - I can see the data labels in the big screen but as soon as I move the screen to my PC - I cant see the data label. My

Sheet size is responsive and grid spacing is Narrow.