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Data Fields

I have been using QlikView for about 6 years and have done lots of apps. I just started to use Qlik Sense and having trouble with data as they get disappeared from my app.

I upload 2 tables called Stock and Sales. In the data manager, I can see they are linked by SKU. In the Data Model Viewer, I can see they are linked via SKU. Then I create a new sheet and I can see all the fields available for me to start work.

Then I refresh the data in the app by clicking refresh button from the bottom of the Fields section. Then it loses all the stock fields.

When I go back to the data manager I can see the data available in both tables but when I go to the Data Model Viewer I can only see the Sales table and the Stock table has disappeared.

I am so confused as when I di the same in QlikView, it nicely working.

I am trying to upload a video to show what I am doing but for some reason, they are not allowing me to upload. Its only 3MB file too.

I am struggling to understand what I am doing wrong. Please help

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