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Data Scenarios


I have a variable 'Months_to_Cancel' which tells me how many months a customer has stayed with the company before cancelling their membership. 

I want to do a 'What if' to see how the Income would compare based on difference scenarios. So, if 6% of customers cancelled their membership after 1 month, the Income is 'x' (this would be actual amount).

However, what I want to do is have a play with the numbers so if I changed the 6% so say 3%, I want to know how much my income (variable 'Comp_total_net_income') would change within my KPI. 

Any idea how I can do this please?


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Creator III
Creator III

I think I need more information; wouldn't the answer just be to take your monthly income and then x that by 6% (can make the % a variable); and then that is the factor with which your revenue would be reduced by.


Ie. if I have 100 customers paying $10 / month; my monthly revenue is $1000, if 6% of my customers cancel after 1month, my second month revenue is 6% less, 94 customers paying $10/m = $940 (6% less).


If thats what you are looking to do then may the % a variable - ie. vCancelPercent


then you can use this variable $(vCancelPercent) in your KPI equation