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Data Security Question (QLIK Sense Desktop)

I am using the free Desktop version of QLIK Sense and am demonstrating to the team its advantages.  I suspect a question regarding data security will be brought up.

Does the data loaded within the software get shared at all (cloud, Qliks server etc), or stored anywhere other than the PC it was loaded to?

Thanks in advance!

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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Hi Ben,

Qlik Sense Desktop is a local installation that does not share data or the Qlik Sense QVF file in any way.  If you want to share the QVF, you need to either upload the file to Qlik Cloud http://qlikcloud.com/ (enables sharing with up to 3 users), or purchase and install the full licensed version of Qlik Sense, in order to host and publish the application.




Hello Ben,

The data will only be stored inside your qliksense QVF file on the PC.

If you did want to secure the data inside you can review a topic called 'Section Access', its the method both QlikSense and QlikView use to secure data and is a large topic, but there are some useful youtube videos on the Qlik channel such as this series QlikView Security Video Series (1 of 8): An Overview - YouTube

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thanks so much Brian!

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thanks so much Peter!