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Partner - Contributor II

Data connection to folder in Qlik Sense Enterprise does not work

Hi all,

I'm the new one with Qlik Sense and tried to convert  QV to Qlik Sense but have some issue with data connection. I've  converted the qvw file to QS and then want to change path through the load editor but connection to folder where is my source files  does not work. As you can see from the print screen below:



any suggestion would be helpful




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Hello @jelena , thank you for your post.

Can you please share the folder and use that Share path? e.g. \\QSShare\03 Production and try again?

Also, you mention you are trying to modify the data connection, are you able to create a new data connection instead of modifying an existing connection?

Please let us know, thank you!

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Hi @jelena 

It seems you are attempting to access to a local folder while the File Connection will show by default the file systme from the server, please refer to the following documentation:

To access to a folder that resides somewhere else you will need to share the folder and provide privileges to the service account.

Hope it helps !

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Partner - Specialist

Hi @jelena 

I see two thing here

first, as @NadiaB commented your /00 Source/ folder should be shared or the service user most be able to read it.

second, your are repeating lib://…../

Your variable has lib://QSSource/
And when you use it you are getting


Try taking it out from your variable or load statement.


hope this helps.


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Partner - Creator



What Rafael said as well you should have the full qualified name of the connection

LET vSource = 'QSSource (int_your hidden value here)';