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Data model Challenge

Hi All,

Now i m facing the challenge, Please help me. Thanks in advance!!


Now we have table 1 has budget value for calculate budget,

we have table 2 has sales value for calculate Sales,

Also we have table 3 for country info(for example countryA/B/C..etc),

We have table 4 for Business unit filter (Just worked for country A on budget)

The same, table 5 same for Business unit filter(worked for all country sales and other country budget(B/C..etc)).

So the challenge is that, Country(table3) and Business unit(table4/5) are the filters in the dashboard, we want to achieve that no matter what country we selected, if we selected Business Unit filter, both Sales and budget value display in the dashboard.

Now if we use table 5 to associate with table 1 and 2, for country A, if we do the filter for table 5,Country A dont have Budget value;

if we concatenate table 4 and table 5 as new table , and associate with table 1 and table 2, for country A, if we do the filter,Country A dont have Sales value;

So i dont find other way to achieve the requirement.Thanks for your time!!

Best Regards,


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Re: Data model Challenge

I think I would join the tables 4 and 5. You might need some further load-steps to ensure that you have the correct key-values for the join and maybe also adding missing key-values afterwards (in the case that there sales-keys which have no budget-keys and reverse).

Beside this I usually concat the sales- and budget fact-tables.

- Marcus

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