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Data model Query

Hi Folks,

Below case need your help. I have attached the Qvf and source file we used.

Now we want to achieve below,

when select MAT the value should be all the years sales based on Year deimension;

when select Monthly the value should be the sales in the past two years based on YearMonth dimension.

When select Qtr the value should be sales in the past years based on YearQtr dimension;

When select YTD the value should be sales in the Past-3/Past-6/YTD sales based on GrowthTrending dimension.

so we used pick/match to achieve.

For below screenshot,

part1 chart can get the correct num, but we used same logic for part3 pivot table, then for MAT/QTR/Monthly the num is three times than chart correct num, and also for YTD, many times than correct num;

Part 2 pivot table set condition for MAT/Monthly/Qtr, then we can get the correct num ;

Part 4 pivot table set condition for YTD, then we can get the correct num;

So i think it's may be the data model issue for YTD part, but i dont find the solution. Please help to check. Thanks.


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