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Datahygiene in Qlik Sense

Hi Folks,

i got a question: Imagine, you have a database with data, but you don't have a clue about data, i mean, you don't know what kind of information contains your database, you can do only one thing: you can download all tables via qik sense, create some visualization and aks your business consultant about the environment of your data.

For this reason i want ask: do you have any rules or methods of datahygiene (how can i make a data cleansing / data correction).

Under the term: Datahygiene i understand the way of proceeding, where i eliminate the duplicates, correct renaming of fields, correct rename the values within of fields (for instance: kG. KG = kg), Handling of Null-Values, correct calculation of rows and columns.

If you have any own methods or rules how to clean the data before i create the vizualisation in my qlik sense-area, can you give an advice or feedback to this issue?

Thanks a lot in advance


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Re: Datahygiene in Qlik Sense

Hi Beck,

If the data is from any SQL database, we can remove the duplicates, null values, rename fields/values etc by using INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE.

This can be a tedious process as you are unaware of the data in the database (relevant & non relevant).

It is always preferable to consult the db admin or anyone related before making any changes or dbbackup to be taken.

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Re: Datahygiene in Qlik Sense

Hi Joseph,

thanks a lot for your feedback and part of experience