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Contributor III
Contributor III

Date Range Picker extension not working as expected

I am using date range picker extention and I have data till today. I want to use this so that when I select today, it should show data related to today. But I can see the 'Today' text greyed out but can select the date from the calendar.

I used the function date(MasterDate,'DD/MM/YYYY) and now I can select today but having issues selecting the date range from the calendar. When I hover the mouse over the dates in the calendar , it looks like they are selected but when I click 

its not getting selected .  Please help.

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Hello Justin,

Thanks for posting your query.

Please test this on the attached ZIP file and prior to making changes take a backup of Qlik Sense.
Testing shall include -
A regression of the Date Picker with new improvements also -
1.) Field of type Date and Timestamp both.
2.) On QSD.
3.) With different timestamps, both GMT + and GMT -
4.) I have developed and tested on chrome, so if possible please use some another browser (IE recommended).

Let us know your feedback.


Padma Priya

Sr Technical Support Engineer - Qlik Support

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi PadmaPriya,

Thanks for getting back to me. I assume I need to add this extension using  QMC. You said take a back before implementing this. The only issue is we are directly working on PRD, if it may cause any issue , I am little concerned to implement this. And also are you planning to include this in the next release. Let me know your