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Date filter is not working with large amount of data

Hello experts,

I have a problem and cannot understand the reason. 

In the load script my defined date variables are:

LET vServiceStart = Date( MonthStart( today() ) , 'YYYY-MM-DD');
LET vServiceEnd = Date( today() , 'YYYY-MM-DD' );

And the fields in the table, that i compare with are:


timestamp(createdat,'YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss[.fff] TT') as gmtcreatedat,
date#(trim(left(createdat,10)),'YYYY-MM-DD') as gmtcreateddate,
ConvertToLocalTime(createdat,'Brisbane') as aestcreatedat,
date#(trim(left(ConvertToLocalTime(createdat,'Brisbane'),10))) as aestcreateddate,



I loaded the date like above. I created a pivot table with dimensions:

  • service_pstn.partner
  • billing_pstn.file
  • billing_pstn.class

And the measure is:


The reason is to change the sum of points according to the selected timezone. (AEST or GMT) through "Variable Input" object. 

Whenever i check the data, this expression does not work with 23M record. But when i check it with 3 records, it works. 

Do you know the reason? I couldn't find a way with this approach? Could you please help me to fix this or could you please propose another way?  


Best Regards,




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You won't need to handle partner as I did, I just needed some values for my example. I assume you got partner as a dimension in your data? 

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