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Contributor III
Contributor III

Date range picker extension - Not all ranges available

Attempting to use the Date Picker extension.

When configuring the choices are Single Date/Interval.

When Single Date is selected none of the 'ranges' are available to use

When Interval is selected only some of the choices are available to select - and I'm unclear why.

I've saved a screen grab and included below.Picker Screen grabPicker Screen grab it.

Configured with Intervals and un-selectable are Today, Yesterday and This Month.

When Single Date is chosen - no quick select ranges are even shown.

Is there another setting I need to enable?

Found nothing in Help that would guide me here.  Thanks

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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II



The date range picker extension, to the best of my knowledge, only allows you to choose dates with data behind them. whatever date is driving the use of your extension does not have any data for this month which is why today, and this week are also not selectable.  


You can verify its working correctly by creating a table and verifying the most recent date does not fall within the mentioned un-selectable time frames