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Default Date and Passsing Parameters to another screen

I need to do following :  Problem-1 : I need to show data for todays date. Eg : When I will logon  to Qlik sense , by default todays data should be populated. How can I select todays for my Qlik sense queries. Problem -2 :    I have selected a date and a unit in one table. On selection of date and unit , I should be able to display all data for that date and for that unit in another screen. How can i do above two.Is there any specific video for the same.

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Re: Default Date and Passsing Parameters to another screen

You can use set analysis in your expressions to only chose today's date.

By default if you choose values in a filter on one sheet it will affect what you see in other visualizations and sheets provided that the data is associated when you load it.  You don't have to do anything to make that happen.

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